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Reliability, productivity and efficiency are key objectives for any OEM. In this webinar series you will learn how ABB’s comprehensive product portfolio can help you:

Maximize your profit
Protect your assets
Optimize your investments


Basic & Intermediate

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Webinar #1 - Held on April 21:
Select the right motor starting option
Of the various motor starter options, which is the best fit for your application? This webinar introduces the benefits and tradeoffs of the three main starter types: across-the-line starters, softstarters, and variable frequency drives.


Bill Hilliard, Product Marketing Manager
Webinar #2 - Held on May 5:
Why the increased need for surge protection?
Surge protection devices (SPDs) were, in the past, often tacked on in applications where some additional protection might be appropriate. Today's expanding use of SPDs is largely due to the changing nature of the equipment and systems they protect; increasingly digital technology is also increasingly susceptible to surge-related damage. Should you be making additional use of these devices in your designs?


Karla Zavala, Product Marketing Manager
Webinar #3 - Held on May 19:
How to properly size and select disconnect switches for UL508 and UL98 applications
Disconnect switches are not all equal. While the need for switching power on and off is the same across the industry, the required solutions are quite different, and misinterpretation of the technical requirements can result in unnecessary costs added to electrical panels. Understanding the differences between UL508 and UL98 requirements will allow you to stay competitive and deliver the right technical solution.


Thomas Chrysler, Product Marketing Manager
Oscar Moreno, Product Marketing Manager
Webinar #4 - Held on June 02
Take power panel innovation to the neXT level
Panel builders rely on their value-add capability to separate themselves from their competition. Ready to dramatically speed up field modifications and eliminate labor-intensive bolt-on components? Then you’re ready for what’s next in power panels: ReliaGear™ neXT from ABB. In this webinar learn more about ABB's plug-in power panels, engineered to dramatically save time, labor and cost while helping to ensure reliability.


Glynn Newby, Product Marketing Manager
Webinar #5 - Held on June 16:
What's new with pilot devices?
Trust is everything, and in industrial environments it is essential to have human-machine interfaces you can count on. Whenever you start or stop a process, the response must be assured. That’s why ABB pilot devices are designed and engineered to deliver total reliability. Learn about what's new in the ABB pilot device portfolio, and what tools are available to help you select and engineer them into your equipment.


Matt Darroch, Product Marketing Manager

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