Digital Power Insight* (DPI)

Set of tools to interact with ABB PMBus* enabled power modules

  • Easy to use software running on Windows PC
  • Use with the ABB USB-to-I2C translator to communicate with modules
  • Multiple tools utilizing either graphical interfaces or command line instructions
  • Rich set of functions, including setup and configuration options to control and read back data

The Digital Power Insight (DPI) software suite along with ABB’s latest Digital AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, Digital Bus Converters and Point-of-Load (POL) modules allows customers to communicate with the end-use equipment via the PMBus interface without writing any software. With a set of four tools (command line interface based DPI-CLI; a simple, fixed-format graphical user interface DPI-GUI for modules and Bus Converters and CPGUI for the CP family products and the full-featured, multi-window ProGUI), the user has a range of user interfaces to match their development and testing needs. The table below provides a quick summary of the features and capabilities of the four tools.

Find all modules connected to I2c bus X Up to 8 CP units Up to 6
(4 POL +2 Conv.)
Query and adjust individual module parameters X X X X
Query and adjust small group of modules (≤6/8) X X X X
Query and adjust large group of modules (up to 64) X     X
Continuous polling of modules to collect and display data X X X X
Store recorded data in a file   X X X
Plot Waveforms onf module data       X
Creating and Storage of Module Configuration     X X
Scripting Capability X     X
Support for DLynx II* PoLs       X

The DPI Software Tool Set is distributed as a zip file ( that can be downloaded here:
Issued November 26, 2019

The DPI Evaluation Kit is available for the PDT012 module. For more information, please complete and submit the form.