“RELT” function in circuit breaker trip units & power switch control relays

By: Rick Schlobohm, P.E., Senior Specification Engineer, 2012
Revised & updated by; Marcelo E. Valdes, P.E. & Rick Schlobohm,
P.E. 2017
Industrial Solutions

The energy-reducing maintenance switch is now almost ubiquitous in discussions about how to implement overcurrent protection for low- and medium-voltage systems. The requirement for the switch also became mandatory in jurisdictions that have adopted the 2014 NEC (National Electrical Code).

Today’s electrical system designer should always consider how to improve the safety of their panel designs for those that will operate and maintain the system for years to come.

Does your energy-reducing function help ensure the best protection the circuit breaker can provide? Is it a cost effective way to comply with 2017 NEC articles 240.87 and 240.67?

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